Mission and Vision


We are a community of scholars, educators, and advisers who prepare information professionals to be leaders and change agents in meeting the needs of a diverse and evolving knowledge society. In order to ensure that individuals and communities are able to engage (i.e. confront, experience, challenge and use) information, this department develops and disseminates theoretical and applied knowledge concerning the acquisition, processing, storage, preservation, access and use of information and records and educates students as skilled information professionals and researchers. For building a knowledge-based society, the department stimulates knowledge management activities through knowledge creation, sharing and application/use of those knowledges. We educate and inspire information professionals and scholars, and we facilitate the creation of knowledge, systems and processes to promote effective management and use of information.

We focus on three pillars:

  • Information Users and Services
  • Information Management/Knowledge Management
  • Archives and Digital Content Management

Considering these pillars, our mission is to stimulate the students and society by:

  • Discovering new and vital knowledge about information
  • Educating the next generation of leaders in the information professions
  • Developing new scholars who will advance knowledge
  • Advancement of the society through innovating services and collaboration
  • Designing interfaces for effective human-computer interaction for the society
  • Providing the skills to navigate in the complex world of digital information, combining technical, economic as well as social dimensions
  • Facilitating to build knowledge-based society
  • Providing knowledge support for new innovations and user experience.
  • Developing information literacy skills for the 21st century people
  • Preparing qualified human resources for building digital Bangladesh
  • Promoting opportunities to sustain professional growth and achievement, including career mentoring.



Empowered by information, transformed by learning and driven by research, the Department of Information Science and Library Management (ISLM) aims to offer premier research and quality education programme for the 21st century information professionals enabling them to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for preserving the past, managing the present and designing the future. Through innovative research, updated and advanced course curriculum and collaboration with other educational and information institutions, our vision is to enhance human capacity to manage and apply information in effective, creative and diverse ways. In addition, our digital library, archives and record management and knowledge management courses and contents will facilitate to build knowledge-based society and contribute to the building of digital Bangladesh.