The department of Information Science and Library Management has a long tradition of excellent research on Information Science and Library Management. To facilitate the transformation of information into knowledge, the Faculty members and students of this department conduct wide ranging research activities. As a part of the oldest and largest university in Bangladesh, the Department is dedicated to expanding the body of knowledge and creating new knowledge through research.

The Faculty members are provincially, nationally and internationally recognized for their contributions and leadership in Information Science, Knowledge Science, Archival Studies, Library and Information Studies and Digital library research. The Department seeks to enrich the intellectual life of graduate students by providing research opportunities through one-to-one interaction with the Faculty. The Faculty members are frequently acknowledged for the quality of their teaching and commitment to professional service, both of which directly contribute to the value of their on-going research. The research outcome supports many activities that contribute to the overall professional development at home and abroad. Under collaboration with students, researchers and other institutions, the Department has many collaborative research activities. Most of the Faculty members have their PhD degree from reputed universities in Asia, Europe and North America. The Faculty members and other researchers (M.A, M.Phil. & Ph.D. students) regularly publish research works in leading publishing outlets with global reputation, i.e., Elsevier, Emerald, Sage, and others.

The Department publishes a journal titled “Bangladesh Journal of Library and Information Science”. The seminar library of the Department has spacious reading room with air conditioning facilities. The collections of seminar library is rich with newly published books and journals. It has large collections of theses, dissertations, reports and other information materials.